The Chair of Foreign Languages is part of the Institute of International Development and Partnership. Since 2015, within the 5-100 program, it has been implementing communicative programs of English language teaching. The amount of academic hours allocated for learning foreign languages has increased dramatically, modern teaching resources are continuously introduced. In 2014-2015 academic year the new programs were a pilot project of some faculties, while in 2015-2016 all bachelor students take the same, new and ample course.
Students learn a lot of English –and using modern methodology and techniques. This has required training and retraining the teaching staff to master communicative methods. As a result, the chair has reached a new level of teaching, the latter concerning not only bachelor students, but master and PhD students as well. A new course of Business English has been introduced for PhD students, Academic Writing Lab has been created, new e-teaching and e-learning resources are developed.
English is, of course, the chair’s favourite, and takes the major part of its activities. On the other hand, great attention is also paid to teaching German and French, and the small number of students learning them allows to train highly qualified specialists.
Each of the aspects of the chair work gives new challenge and new prospects to the chair and its staff, introduces creativity, attracts new staff members. The Chair of Foreign languages is ready to meet any requirement of the University – it has the staff, the resource and all the opportunities for suggesting the optimal solutions.

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