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The chair of foreign languages of ITMO University is a happy merger of the chairs of foreign languages of ITMO and the Institute of Refrigeration and Biotechnologies. In 2015 it became the most numerous chair of the University combining a very interesting and varied experience of the two chairs in the field of teaching foreign languages in a University, interdisciplinary approach and close connection with special disciplines.  
The main common principle for both chairs was regarding a foreign language as a major rather than a secondary discipline or just a tool that may be used or neglected. During many years, both chairs were working in collaboration with special disciplines producing very interesting and promising results.
Teachers and staff of the chairs of foreign languages created textbooks and workbooks for the students of all major disciplines together with the corresponding chairs, attended lectures, wrote articles on a wide range of disciplines with the corresponding texts and tasks. Undergraduates would sometimes learn about their specialty in a foreign language earlier than they did in Russian, in a highly professional way.  
The Chair of Foreign Languages of ITMO University made a wide use of computer based teaching technologies, using IT in teaching practice, whereas the chair of foreign languages of the Institute of Refrigeration and Biotechnologies always paid great attention to the theory and practice of training translators and interpreters in the sphere of professional communication. The merger of the two strategies has created the basis for making a new step in the strategy and methodology of teaching.

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